Occupational Identity Management Part 2

RAFT Team, September 1, 2022

Jeremie and Johnanna continue their discussion on occupational identity, a state of identifying closely with one's job. Join RAFT as we learn about how to manage this identity in mission-driven fields, such as SV/DV advocacy.

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
01:20 Johnanna introduces herself, experience, and research
02:20 Recognizing our Comfort, Learning, and Panic Zones
07:00 Review of Occupational Identity: Strong vs. Over-identified
12:05 Four Skill Development Areas
12:20 Self-Awareness
14:00 Emotional Literacy
17:50 Accountability
21:45 Adaptability
24:40 Q&A on Skill Development for Advocates
25:40 How can someone who is over-identified, but not quite burnt-out, start building healthier occupational identity?
30:10 How to expand social relationships as an introvert
32:25 What about over-identification with personal values?
40:40 Are there any unique challenges/benefits of Occupational Identity for Advocates who are also survivors?
45:35 How does occupational identity lead to an us vs. them dynamic in many organizations between the front line advocates and the leadership?
55:15 Outro