Exploring Team Habits with Charlie Gilkey

RAFT Team, December 5, 2023

Join Jeremie in a conversation with Charlie Gilkey about principles from his book, Team Habits: How Small Actions Lead to Extraordinary Results, including small actions that bring lasting change and creating a team that can solve problems without you.

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
00:40 Jeremie highlights talking points and welcomes Charlie
01:40 Charlie introduces himself
04:55 Charlie shares his view on the challenges of trying to make a big change / Broken Printer analogy
08:10 Grants and development challenges
10:15 Time allocation and management
12:30 Eight Categories of Team Habits
15:10 Feeling a sense of belonging in an organization with a high turnover rate
20:30 Cynicism as an effect of burnout
22:40 A different approach/breaking down a challenge into pieces
25:25 Three dimensions of power in an organization
37:00 "When you go into an organization, you treat changing team habits like you're walking on someone's land that they have been tending and cultivating"
44:25 "Am I being affected by the inertia that we've just always done it this way?"
46:15 How to get through "If we try to change this and break it, that's not good"
49:40 Future-ready your business by creating a team that can solve problems even without you
52:10 Charlie's last thoughts
54:25 How our partners and listeners can receive a copy of "Team Habits" gifted by RAFT
55:10 Outro