Occupational Identity Management Part 1

RAFT Team, April 15, 2022

Today we discuss occupational identity, a state of identifying closely with one's job. Join RAFT as we learn about how to manage this identity in mission-driven fields, such as SV/DV advocacy.

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
01:00 Johnanna shares her background and work.
04:30 Definition of occupational identity
06:30 Definition of strong occupational identity
07:10 Discussion
08:20 Healthy occupational identity
11:00 Unhealthy occupational Identity
12:20 Discussion about struggling to turn off the identity
15:10 When occupational identity rubs off on colleagues who don't have the same identity or don't want to.
20:50 Discussion on how organizational structure and culture can set people up to have a strong, sometimes unhealthy, occupational identity
22:30 Things people can do to avoid a strong occupational identity
25:45 Risk 1: Overidentification--seeing yourself as one with your job, colleagues, and mission
30:20 Risk 2: Exploitation of self and others
32:00 Risk 3: Toxic work culture
32:50 Risk 4: Burnout
34:50 Setting healthy boundaries: Self-awareness, knowing your values, asking "who are you outside of work?", emotional literacy, and skills of accountability
48:00 Outro