Making Organizational Change with Amber Beam, Part Two

RAFT Team, December 22, 2023

You've seen changes you want to make in your organization, you're collaborating with co-workers, but now you might be wondering, "What are the leaders thinking about and looking for with change initiatives?" Join Jeremie and Amber as they continue discussing how to make organizational changes by focusing the conversation around the leadership's point of view.

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
01:00 Jeremie recaps part 1 episode and highlights topics of episode 2
02:25 Amber introduces herself
04:45 How to respond, as a senior leader, to a passionate pitch
07:25 How to encourage gratitude and be positive without making someone think you've said "Yes"
10:35 How to prioritize a good idea when it's bad timing
14:15 How to empower your team member after the first pitch meeting
18:30 Tips for leaders on how to reflect on their own biased
21:55 How to push through the hesitancy and let go when you should say "Yes"
27:05 Your responsibility, as a leader, to announce a new idea to your team
28:15 How to continue the thread of change and support your team member when the change works out
30:40 What to do, as a leader, when the change maker's goal fizzles out, and they aren't prioritizing their initial goal
32:50 What can leaders do when the change pilot flops
37:20 "What happens when the pitch comes in and it's just not going to work?"
41:25 Final Thoughts
44:15 Outro