Thriving During the Holiday Seasons, Episode 1

RAFT Team, November 10, 2021

In episode one of the annual RAFT holiday podcast, the RAFT team discusses tips and tools for thriving, not surviving, the holidays.

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
00:19 Jeremie introduces the topic and the team welcomes readers.
02:40 Anneka's Tip #1: It is okay to say "no" to social invitations.
03:55 Anneka's Tip #2: Give to yourself in addition to others.
04:55 Anneka's Tip #3: Practice empathy and gratitude during the holiday
06:00 Team Discussion on prioritizing family relationships/gatherings
11:11 Esteniolla's Tip #1: Do not engage in family gossip. Redirect it.
13:42 Esteniolla's tip #2: Protect sensitive information you don't want to share.
16:00 Team Discussion on navigating family dynamics across/within cultures and in different stages of life.
33:51 Jeremie wraps up Episode 1
34:04 Outro