Making Organizational Change with Amber Beam

RAFT Team, October 11, 2023

Have you ever seen something you want to change in your organization, but not sure how to get others involved or talk to your boss about it? Join Jeremie in a conversation with Amber Beam about making changes in your organization by collaborating with co-workers and successfully bringing ideas to leadership.

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
01:40 Amber introduces herself & speaks on her passion for closing the gender gap
02:55 What is it that makes a winning pitch when trying to make a change in your organization?
06:45 How can you approach speaking to your leader, & how to prepare for that conversation?
10:10 What's one thing most people who bring a new idea to leadership ignore?
11:50 Should we go in as an individual or bring in co-workers who support the change?
14:15 How to bounce back from a soft-no
16:20 How to use your strengths and your team's strengths to strengthen your pitch
19:00 Accountability and Responsibilities between yourself, team, & leadership
21:00 Fail, Learn, Grow
23:00 How to manage pushback/conflict from other team members
26:00 How to coordinate the team's "big ideas" for change and not overwhelm leadership
30:00 What do you do when they say no?
37:00 Final thoughts & Amber's words of wisdom
40:00 How to contact Amber
41:15 Outro