RAFT’s Top Podcasts of 2021

RAFT Team, December 20, 2021

We had some great discussions as a team and with our many guests in this year’s podcast collection. At times we laughed, at times we dove deep, but we also challenged ourselves in each and every one of them. Below are our 3 most-listened-to podcasts of 2021. As you reflect on this past year and make your plans for 2022, take some time to listen in to these 3 episodes as well. They may provide just what you need to make 2022 your best year ever. From the RAFT family to you, our top podcasts!

Episode 40: Practical Self-Love Acceptance Tips

In this episode, Indrani and Jeremie discuss self-love and acceptance through the lens of time management.

Episode 39: Using Life Story Writing to Build Resilience: Stacy Brookman Interview

In this episode, RAFT invites Stacy Brookman, a resilience and life story expert, to share a new resiliency tool for advocates.

Episode 43: Celebration Rituals as Anchors in Life: Heather Slutzky Interview

In this episode, Heather Slutzky from Anchor & Flame shares how she anchors caregivers in their resilience without compromising the flame that ignites their passion for the work.