Using Life-Story Writing to Build Resilience

RAFT Team, January 15, 2021

In this episode, RAFT invites Stacy Brookman, a resilience and life story expert, to share a new resiliency tool for advocates.


00:00 Intro
01:20 Stacy introduces herself
03:25 The Tool Overview: Life-Story Writing
04:20 Jeremie Shares How He Used the Tool to Reflect on His Leadership
05:15 Where did Life-Story Writing come from?
10:13 Discussion and Reflection on the Tool
14:25 Using the Tool to Work Through the Year of COVID-19
16:09 The 4-Step Process of Life-Story Writing
17:20 Step 1: Acknowledge & Embrace Your Tough Stories
18:02 Step 2: Enable Your Stories Through Free Writing
20:53 Enhance Your Story
21:20 Elevate Your Story
24:10 Q&A: How Can Someone Who has Limited Time Use this Tool?
32:00 Q&A: How Can People Use This Writing Process to Build Resilience to the Challenges they Face in Their Lives?
36:00 Q&A: How Can People Use This Process to Help Make Decisions?
43:14 Outro