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Our gift to you is our new guided self-care journal: 3 Simple Practices.

Self-care is for everyone. And it doesn't need to be complicated or radically life-changing. It simply needs to care for you. In this guided journal, you’ll learn three simple self-care practices (gratitude, celebrations, and PERMA) that you can easily incorporate into your life as daily rituals.

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About RAFT – Resilience for Advocates through Foundational Training 

We improve the level of care for sexual and domestic violence survivors by supporting advocates in building resilience to compassion fatigue and burnout. Creating awareness of domestic and sexual violence is pivotal to ending it. Supporting survivors in rebuilding their lives, including men and boys in the conversation, and working with abusers are all necessary pieces of the puzzle. But the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of the advocate supporting the survivor must also be addressed and is crucial to the movement to end sexual and domestic violence for all.