Welcome to the team, Joy!

RAFT Team, February 3, 2023

Today we welcome Joy Ingram to our team as a new workshop facilitator and learn a little about her background. Join RAFT as we discuss some reasons for high turnover rates within SV/DV advocacy organizations and a few ideas to combat this issue.

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
01:10 Nicole introduces new RAFT team member, Joy
2:45 Joy shares her background and advocate experience
6:45 Joy presented at NCADV in August 2022
9:20 Joy's workshop experiences
10:00 Why is turnover so high?
11:55 Challenges and Support
13:30 Barriers to support
15:00 Support strategies for organizations
17:55 Why is it difficult to schedule time for support at work?
21:06 We need to prioritize our wellness
22:15 Lunch practices
24:00 Reassessing workplace culture
25:35 Generational impact on turnover
27:05 Boundaries to learn
28:35 Overlapping personal and organizational values
30:30 Outro