Using Advocacy Skills in Other Fields

RAFT Team, April 26, 2023

This month's podcast features Grace Harvey, who recently stepped away from advocacy work and was surprised to see her advocacy skills transferred to work in a completely different field. If you think you need a change but are hesitant to look for something new, Grace has an encouraging message to share with you.

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
01:13 Grace's Origin story
04:34 Grace shares why she left the advocacy field
08:00 How Grace's life has changed & the positive impacts of leaving advocacy
12:30 What is it like working a job where you're not advocating?
18:30 Finding a new job after leaving the advocacy field & the transferable skills
20:15 Task prioritization & time management
24:35 Good communication skills & adapting to your audience
28:40 Attention to detail & guidelines
32:35 Problem-solving skills
36:32 Finding what you're doing in your current work & turning it into a resume skill
40:43 Grace's final thoughts