Universal Trauma & Resilience

RAFT Team, May 11, 2021

In this episode, Sherry Hamby, Director of the Life Paths Research Center and Founder of ResilienceCon, discusses universal and cumulative trauma and resilience.


00:00 Intro
00:30 Jeremie Welcomes listeners and introduces Dr. Sherry Hamby.
00:50 Dr. Hamby introduces herself.
02:27 Q+A: You talk about trauma as a universal experience and more common than people think, how does compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma experienced by SV/DV advocates fit into this overall experience?
05:30 Q+A: Do you have suggestions on how people can talk to friends/family that don't buy into the concept of vicarious trauma?
11:45 Q+A: You also talk about resilience being more common than people think. How does resilience fit in with the helping professions experiencing compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma?
18:16 Q+A: Based on your research, what is a resiliency portfolio?
24:40 Q+A: You talk about strengths-based approaches to resilience. Can you share a little bit about that and give examples?
30:00 Q+A: How does resilience relate to growth? And what is the potential for growth after experiencing trauma?
32:20 Q+A: Do you have ideas on how organizations and leaders can support their advocates in building resilience?
37:22 Q+A: We know that advocates experience vicarious trauma and the work can bleed into their family life. Do you have suggestions on what advocates can do to help their families understand vicarious trauma and build resilience?
39:50 Q+A: Do you have 1-2 resiliency tools that advocates can start using immediately?
41:15 Conclusion & How to get in touch with Dr. Hamby
42:17 Outro