Tips for How to Ask for Help, Part I

RAFT Team, July 19, 2021

In this episode, join the entire RAFT team as they discuss how to ask for help and the various things one must consider as they hone this practice. Tips range from how to be specific in your ask to the right mindset needed when asking for help.

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
00:30 Listeners are welcomed and the RAFT team is introduced.
01:19 Introduction of topic: How to Ask for Help
02:44 Jeremie's Tip #1: Leaders in the SV/DV field, realize that you are not alone and your team is looking to support you!
05:50 Jeremie's Tip #2: Leaders in the SV/DV field, be transparent with your team about big picture items so they know where to support.
07:53 Team Discussion
11:36 Esteniolla's Tip #1: You have no chance of help, unless you ask
13:33 Esteniolla's Tip #2: Remember how rewarding it is when you help others
14:40 Esteniolla's Tip #3: Let go of the feeling that you will owe someone for helping you
21:28 Mariam's Tip #1: Be upfront and specific with your ask for help
23:48 Team Discussion
30:19 Hear from Anneka, Indrani and more tips from Mariam in How to Ask for Help, Part II.
30:36 Outro