Social Journaling to Meaningful Connections

RAFT Team, April 27, 2021

In this episode, learn how social journaling can be used to make powerful, meaningful connections with the self, the we, and the us.


00:00 Intro
00:39 Jeremie Welcomes listeners and introduces Alex and Nikolay from Oh-lay, a workplace culture design company.
01:37 Nikolay and Alex introduce themselves and their mission.
03:01 Tool Overview: Social Journaling
05:58 Q+A: Where did social journaling come from? How did it start?
08:05 Q+A: Can you share your experience using social journaling with advocates?
10:45 Jeremie reflects on the RAFT tool, PERMA, and how it connects to social journaling, especially M for Meaning.
11:55 Q+A: What are the benefits of social journaling?
15:46 Discussion on Critical Awareness by Brene Brown, and how it connects to the benefits of social journaling.
19:32 Q+A: On resilience, how are people growing through the experience of social journaling?
25:16 Q+A: What does it look like for Ohlay to come into an organization and work with them? What questions are explored?
29:53 Social journaling as a support to and medium for pre-existing curriculum for advocates
30:52 Q+A: How can advocates engage in social journaling with Ohlay?
33:33 Summary of social journaling purpose and process
34:55 Outro