Reflections on NCADV’s National Conference on Domestic Violence

RAFT Team, November 10, 2022

Today on the RAFT podcast, Nicole and Mariam share their reflections on NCADV's National Conference on Domestic Violence. This year's NCADV National Conference Keynote Speaker was Tommi Vincent.

Episode Time Codes

0:00 Intro
1:40 Nicole and Mariam talk about meeting each other in person for the first time and how it felt to connect with so many advocates at the conference.
4:20 Discussion about planning for the conference: Travelling, making time for self-care activities, breaks, navigating the conference schedule, etc.
7:00 Mariam and Nicole discuss their connections to Saint Louis, Missouri: Exploring the city and visiting friends while there.
10:45 Discussion about making time for self-care while at the conference. Knowing when to decline activities in favour of rest or personal time.
13:05 Nicole and Mariam discuss the different workshops they attended at the conference and choosing workshops which interested them specifically.
14:30 “Circle, Square, Triangle” Reflection Tool.
15:11 “Circle” Takeaway: Nicole and Mariam share the questions still circulating in their mind as they reflect on their time at the conference.
19:43 Transition to “Square” Takeaway: Mariam and Nicole discuss what points from the conference reaffirmed what they already think and know about SV/DV work.
27:03 “Triangle” Takeaway: Nicole and Mariam share what takeaways from the conference they hope to implement in their work and life.
31:00 Mariam shares her appreciation for the innovative discussions and topics covered at the conference.
33:05 Nicole discusses the impact of trauma and holding empathy for people who have experienced trauma.
35:51 Final appreciations from the conference.
38:49 Outro