Our “Why?”

RAFT Team, March 29, 2023

In this episode, the RAFT team is joined by our Founder, Indrani Goradia, to discuss our "Why?" Inspired by Simon Sinek's theory of starting with your "Why?" to help connect your work to your purpose in a meaningful way.

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
00:24 Nicole introduction - Explains inspiration for Podcast
02:40 Maegan introduction - Shares strengths/value statement
03:22 Indrani introduction - Shares why she started RAFT/core values
05:00 Nicole's core values
07:04 Mariam introduction - Shares her why for joining & growing with RAFT
08:09 Joy introduction - Shares her strengths & her why
09:28 Sophie Introduction - Shares strengths & her why
11:45 Nicole shares why connection is important to her
13:13 Mariam shares why data and research is important to her
14:21 Maegan shares why growth & process mapping is important to her
16:23 Indrani talks about strengths - how to recognize them, how to use them
21:32 Joy shares why love of learning & kindness is important to her
22:21 Indrani, Nicole, & Joy speak on Kindness & Empathy for ourselves
30:36 Mariam - How RAFT answers her “Why”
30:48 Maegan - How RAFT answers her “Why”
32:19 Sophie - How RAFT answers her “Why”
33:09 Joy - How RAFT answers her “Why”
36:07 Thanks for listening!