Organizational Culture Development and Leadership

RAFT Team, November 10, 2022

Today on the RAFT podcast, Jeremie and Johnanna Ganz continue their discussion about occupational identity and how it connects to leadership and the development of organizational culture.

Episode Time Codes

0:00 Intro
0:45 Johanna reviews what it means to have a strong occupational identity.
2:51 What is “Organizational Culture Development”? How does it relate to leadership?
3:00 Definition of formal and informal organizational culture
4:20 How organizational culture connects to occupational identity management through leadership.
5:36 Johanna shares 6 factors that can promote or prevent the rate of burnout that people experience in an organization.
6:30 Johanna emphasizes the role that leaders play in shaping these 6 factors.
7:01 Discussion.
8:41 How a strong occupational identity amongst advocates and leadership can create an “us” vs. “them” dynamic.
9:41 Johanna discusses 3 factors that can cause this “us” vs. “them” mentality to occur.
13:49 How to better manage and/or alleviate this dynamic.
14:31 Discussion.
16:06 If we know that strong, potentially unhealthy occupational identity exists in an organization, how can that organization ensure that new advocates entering the organization maintain a healthy occupational identity?
17:30 Johanna shares 6 ways that leaders can help promote healthy occupational identity among new advocates in an organization.
23:08 Discussion.
25:00 Johanna and Jeremie discuss what leadership can do for a brand new advocate that comes into an SV/DV organization with an interest in the work but limited experience and/or connection to the movement (both personally and professionally).
27:49 Johanna explains the relationship between micromanagement and occupational identity.
30:00 Johanna shares advice for advocates who might be dealing with a supervisor that struggles with micromanagement.
33:39 Johanna shares advice for leaders who notice micromanagement occurring in their organization.
34:25 Discussion.
37:29 Discussion about the challenges that come with grant reports: Johanna explains 4 ways that leaders can encourage their successful completion.
44:27 Jeremie and Johanna discuss how to change organizational culture and cultivate healthier occupational identities in a field that can be resistant to change because they have operated in one specific way for such a long time.
46:59 Johanna shares tips for creating structural change in the SV/DV field in order to move towards healthier occupational identities.
50:39 Discussion.
53:06 Johanna shares how to get in touch with her and learn more about her work.
54:43 Outro