Mission Motivated with The SOAR Collective

RAFT Team, August 15, 2023

Join Nicole and Joy from RAFT in a conversation with Dee, Jackie, and Tatiana of The SOAR Collective, an organization working "to mobilize advocates to demand accountability and revolutionize the way anti-violence organizations operate."

Episode Time Codes

00:00 Intro
00:50 RAFT & SOAR Collective Introductions
01:50 Who SOAR Collective is, their mission, and how/why they started
04:00 Survivors Know assessment/research
09:30 The key findings & powerful data
12:15 Jackie and Dee share how prioritizing their mental health meant leaving their prevention job
14:40 Tatiana speaks on "the power that someone in a supervisor role has to create a safe environment" and psychological safety
16:00 "Leadership at anti-violence organizations often replicate the same toxic, abusive, violent environments, & power dynamics that this movement is aiming to prevent" Jackie
20:45 The potential for change, issues that have come to the surface, and solutions for systemic change
24:55 What are some tangible things that anti-violence workplace can do to create a healthy/safe working environment for staff?
35:00 "We cannot possibly serve ALL survivors, if we don't have the resources to serve ourselves” Tatiana
40:10 "When you support advocates, you support survivors" Dee
43:00 How can advocates get involved with the amazing work SOAR Collective is doing?
48:00 Gratitudes
54:00 Outro