RAFT’s Top Blog Articles of 2021

RAFT Team, December 6, 2021

In looking back over our blog stats this past year, we’ve seen some trends. We saw you making strides to make space for yourself and taking some time out for self-care. Kudos, friends. You’re doing well. Below are our top blog articles of 2021.

But first, how was this past year for you? During year two of the pandemic, we all faced so many challenges. If you feel you still can’t catch your breath, take a moment to reframe the year you had. Was it difficult? Immensely so. But let’s also remember this: you’re still going, which means you have so much resilience. Was it neat and tidy? Probably not. Are you crawling instead of running? Maybe so. Take a moment to reflect on the strength you found, the resilience you acquired, and the almost didn’ts that turned into, yes, I dids.

Resources for Working in a high stress environment

Resources for Working in a High Stress Environment

This article provides a list of resources can help support you in the day-to-day as well as for the long haul.

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What’s So Hard About Boundaries?

What’s So Hard About Boundaries

Boundaries are so hard to define and harder to enforce. Learn 3 tips to make boundaries easier for you and those around you.

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Don't make group plans without everyone input and consent

5 Ways to Practice Consent in Everyday Life 

Most people now understand what it means to gain consent before engaging in sexual activity. But we should practice consent in many areas. Learn 5 different ways to make it happen every single day.

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How to set boundaries in relationships

How to Set Boundaries in Relationships  

Relationships can be tough to navigate, whether with strangers or intimate partners. Learn how to set boundaries and clarify expectations.

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7 Tips to Enhance Your Self-Care Journaling

Self-care journaling is a great tool for boosting your happiness levels. In this article, learn 7 tips to shake it up and add some freshness to your journaling.

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As you rest and recover from 2021 this holiday season and probably make plans for a meaningful 2022, take some time on a few of these top blog articles. They'll help you on your journey toward resilience!