New Year, New You?

Maegan Bradshaw, January 9, 2024

 As the calendar turns a new page and resolutions fill the air, we often find ourselves bombarded with the mantra of "New Year, New You." But here at RAFT, we're saying "BOO" to the notion of reinventing ourselves entirely. 

Why, you ask? Because we believe that the essence of who you are is pretty fantastic just as it is. As we step into this brand-new year, let's celebrate the authentic, imperfect, wonderfully unique individuals that make our organizations shine. 

Instead of succumbing to the pressure of radical transformations, let's embrace the journey of growth, learning, and becoming more of who we already are. This year, let's focus on authenticity, self-compassion, and the courage to be true to ourselves. 

Why BOO to "New Year, New You"? 

Authenticity Rules:

We're all works in progress, and that's more than okay—it's beautiful. Let's revel in the authenticity that comes with acknowledging our quirks, idiosyncrasies, and the delightful messiness that makes us uniquely ourselves. 

Banish Those Unrealistic Expectations:

The pressure to overhaul our entire existence on January 1st can be suffocating. BOO to the notion that a new calendar digit magically erases our humanity. Let's set goals that are kind, achievable, and aligned with the genuine path we want to tread. 

new year new you, illustration of a brown person running, with flowers blooming behind them, on the right lettering says I'm blooming everyday.

Celebrate Growth, Not Perfection:

Growth is a continuous journey, not a destination reached with the flip of a calendar page. Instead of striving for perfection, let's celebrate the small victories, the lessons learned, and the resilience gained in the face of challenges. 

Flaunt That Uniqueness:

BOO to conformity! This year, let's revel in our unique qualities and quirks, our core strengths and values, and the aspects that set us apart. Our differences are our strengths!  

Self-Love Is Pretty Rad:

A genuine "New You" journey begins with saying BOO to self-criticism and harsh resolutions. Let's focus on nurturing our well-being, practicing self-compassion, and embracing the journey of self-discovery. 

new year, new you, illustration of a brown person with legs folded, palms together, and eyes closed, smiling, surround by colorful flowers

The Joy of Being Present:

Instead of chasing an elusive future version of ourselves, let's relish the joy of being present in each moment. Life is happening now, and it's beautiful. 

Wishing you a year filled with authenticity, self-love, and the courage to shout "BOO" to societal expectations and be unapologetically you!