Dear RAFT Community

Maegan Bradshaw, May 24, 2024

Let me be transparent.. I have sat down at this keyboard SO many times in the last couple months and just stared at the screen.  

“I need to write a blog for this month.” 
“What can I write a blog about?” 
“What do advocates even want to read?” 
“What can I write about to inspire these people so important to me?” 

Truth is, I’m stuck in the unknown right now. Truth is, I’m not even the BEST technical writer. I’m just a human who is passionate about the world around me and wants to share that with my fellow humans.  

So.. the question is:  

What do advocates want to know? 

This leads me to a new series called “Dear RAFT,” where you can turn to for thoughtful insights, heartfelt advice, and a compassionate perspective to YOUR questions. 

So why ask RAFT? Well, just like a sturdy raft helps us navigate rough waters and stay afloat, "Dear RAFT" is here to provide a steady anchor amidst life's storms. We believe in the power of community, empathy, and shared wisdom to help us weather the ups and downs of life with resilience and grace. 

So, I offer you my written word. It may not always be evidence-based or researched, but I’m hopeful you’ll be inspired by my vulnerability. 

Send us your letters and questions here or email us at