Yearly Wrap-Up: Our Best Articles of 2022

RAFT Team, December 12, 2022

We’ve had a fantastic year at RAFT, mostly because of all of you. Thank you! Below are our top 5 most popular blog articles that resonated with our mission and our audience. They’re all about work, life, and how boundaries and gratitude can make it all go a bit more smoothly. Enjoy!

1. 4 Ways to Lead with Gratitude at Work

4 Ways to Lead with Gratitude at Work

We hear about gratitude journals and saying thank you, but seldom does it include the workplace. Learn 5 reasons gratitude at work matters and 4 ways you can incorporate it into daily life for all your employees.

2. 5 Ways to Practice Consent in Everyday Life

Don't make group plans without everyone input and consent

Most people now understand what it means to gain consent before engaging in sexual activity. But in order for relationships to be healthy and on equal grounds, we must also practice consent in many other areas. Learn 5 everyday areas where consent matters.

3. 4 Ways Your Physical Space Can Support Your Emotional Wellness

4 Ways Your Physical Space Can Support Your Emotional Needs

Feeling stress, anxiety, or isolation? Learn how these four simple adjustments in your physical space can help support your emotional wellness.

4. How to Build 5 Healthy Habits in the Middle of Chaos

Get off the rollercoast and learn to Navigate Chaos

Feeling lost in the chaos, especially now during the holidays and end-of-year wrap-ups at work? Learn how to build 5 easy healthy habits that will help you navigate chaos and find your way to more peace.

5. How to Set Boundaries in Relationships

How to set boundaries in relationships

During the holidays, we often interact with people we don’t see the rest of the year. All of which can be tough to navigate, whether with strangers or intimate partners. Learn how to set boundaries and clarify expectations.