The Benefits of Healthy Boundaries & the 5 People Who Get Them the Most

RAFT Team, August 22, 2022

Are you buried in to-dos and can’t ever seem to find a way out? You likely have a boundary problem. Boundaries are hard work! There’s no denying that figuring out your boundaries, establishing them, and keeping them can be difficult. Are they worth the effort? Absolutely. Below, learn the benefits of healthy boundaries and who gets to experience them the most.

Why do you need to establish boundaries?

If you don’t create boundaries for yourself, other people will infringe on every area of your life. Boundaries help others know how best to interact with you and determine how you choose to interact with the world. Healthy boundaries keep you strong and capable of facing problems with less stress.

What happens when you set boundaries with people?

Boundaries create a framework from which to interact. They’re like a roadmap for your relationships. You might choose the superhighway of efficiency for some relationships, but with others, you may want to shift some boundaries and take a side road or two. This is the beauty of boundaries — you can adjust them as your relationships change and grow.

When you set healthy boundaries with people, you’ll find yourself going about life with more energy, more satisfaction, and less anxiety.

Who benefits from healthy boundaries?

You do!

When you establish healthy boundaries, you’re the one who benefits the most. The initial establishment of these boundaries allows you to understand yourself and your own needs better. You have more clarity on your values, beliefs, what you want out of life, and how you can contribute to the world around you.

With good boundaries in place, you’ll experience less stress and have a greater sense of freedom in how you spend your time and energy. You’ll gain a genuine sense of identity and independence. And you’ll most likely develop a greater focus the more you learn who you are and what you believe in.

Your Co-Workers

When your co-workers know how to interact with you and get the very best from you, they’ll benefit. You’ll be more productive as a team when they know the best way to provide feedback. And they’ll know how to keep your ideas fresh and your energy high when they’re able to follow the boundaries you’ve established.

Your Boss

Your bosses and managers will know how to encourage and motivate you when you’ve taken the time to review your boundaries. They’ll be able to provide criticism that’s productive rather than discouraging. They’ll know what jobs would be best assigned to you and what they should delegate elsewhere. And when a boss knows your boundaries, they can provide the most supportive ongoing education to help you perform at the top of your ability.

Your Friends & Family

Family gatherings will have much less stress when everyone has established clear boundaries. You’ll know when you go out to eat together how the bill will be divided. You’ll all be able to contribute to family plans when everyone’s boundaries are respected. And you’ll also know what conversations are off-limits when you’re together. Boundaries provide freedom!

The World at Large

When you’re operating with clear, healthy boundaries, you’ll be able to take care of yourself well, feed your passions, focus on what you’re best at, and be courageous in your interactions with others. Simply put, you’ll be able to bring your very best self to everything you do, which means everyone around you benefits. When everyone establishes healthy boundaries and is conscious of everyone else’s boundaries, we all experience more creativity, compassion, empathy, and gratitude.

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