9 Ways Our Free Advocate Resources Can Change Your Life

RAFT Team, October 24, 2022

Almost 25% of adults ages 45 to 64 are caregivers. From paying bills to dressing, bathing, or transporting someone, these caregivers are trying to balance all aspects of life. Unfortunately, working, socializing, and time for personal care often suffer.

DV and SV advocates play a vital role in caregiving as well. Below are the statistics that they put a face to each and every day:

Compassion fatigue and burnout are common for SV and DV advocates.

If you’re feeling taxed mentally, physically, and psychologically, you’re not alone. 

We have free advocate resources you can begin using immediately.

You can access podcasts, articles, printables, meditations, and a two-day online video conference specifically recorded to support advocates. No matter where you are in your advocate journey, we can help the load feel a little lighter and the path a little brighter. 

What can our advocate resources do for you? Here are just a few benefits:

  • Learn to self-manage your physical, mental and emotional health
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase concentration and productivity
  • Boost motivation
  • Stronger relationships (and teams at work!)
  • Better sleep
  • More happiness
  • Better overall health

Start Using Them Today when you sign up here: https://www.raftcares.org/engage/sexual-and-domestic-violence-advocates/

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