Take the RAW survey!

RAFT is launching our second round of the Roadmap to Advocate Wellness Survey. It is a paid opportunity for advocates to anonymously share with us the biggest challenges in the field and, more importantly, what they see as the best way forward.

Our desire for this survey is to better support advocates and their organizations in carrying out the mission to support survivors, and one day end sexual and domestic violence. We want to positively impact the lives of advocates through evidence-based practices and research and support them in a long and healthy career.

Here are some of our goals with the Roadmap to Advocate Wellness Survey:  

  • Expand and deepen RAFT support for advocates. In addition to our workshops and support and leadership calls, in 2023, we have big plans to tailor our support by piloting individualized and evidence-based technical assistance to SV/DV agencies.   
  • Contribute to the growing research on advocate wellness. Our singular mission to support advocates uniquely positions RAFT to advance this field of research. Our long-term goal is to increase organizational capacity to equip SV/DV advocates and stakeholders with the research needed to improve support for all advocates.   
  • Grow our robust library of free online resources for advocates. Everything we do is for you. So, we want to make sure our content speaks to the support you want in your personal and work life. 

Last year, we conducted the survey for the first time and have received over 200 insightful responses. In 2023, we have the capacity to survey 250 advocates and will compensate each one $25 for their time (roughly 30 min).  The survey is anonymous, so when asked for your email this is to facilitate the process of sending you the $25 "thank you" for your time.