Sexual and Domestic Violence Organizations

Improve your operations and the well-being of your staff with our free program.

By taking just a few short days to teach resilience and self-care foundations to your staff, you can prevent a critical loss of resources by preventing staff burnout—and the turnover associated with it. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and nowhere does that ring more true than in sexual and domestic violence organizations. 

This one-or-two day curriculum happens within the walls of your own organization, is completely free, and will remain free throughout the entire workshop. Our experienced trainers listen to your specific needs and select the program to be best suited to your operations.

“Everyone benefited. Clients, staff—the agency itself benefited. The training provided at no cost was tremendous." – Lilly, Shelter Manager, 2012

The RAFT curriculum offers a number of tools that teach your staff to: 

  • Build positive relationships with peers and supervisors through improved communication skills 
  • Set boundaries and say no so they do not overextend themselves 
  • Be more intentional about self-care 
  • Become more effective at their job through their new RAFT toolbox
  • Consider themselves and their well-being first
  • Build resilience so they can find more fulfillment in their work, thereby increasing staff retention rates 

Making the mental and physical health of your staff a priority is in the best interest of your employees, clients and organization. When the values of your staff and organization are aligned, advocates and administrators can better focus on their mission.

"I appreciate how you backed up your presentation with research, and when you did not have the research, you notified the crowd of such. Thank you for the real life scenarios. Training was wonderful. I would love to know more about these types of trainings." – Advocate, Anniston Alabama

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