Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocates

How to get the support you need to better support others.

Supporting your clients every day without your own support network can be a harrowing task. The RAFT Project focuses on you, enabling your continued ability to make a difference in people’s lives—while maintaining stability in your own. 

We understand the struggles that come with working as a sexual and domestic violence advocate. Everything from the inability to switch roles when you get home, to the compassion fatigue that robs you of your ability to empathize the way you once did. And let’s not forget plain-old exhaustion. 

As a person who’s dedicated your life to the well-being of others, we’re excited to provide you a new set of tools you can use to improve your own well-being.

“The workshop you held at Shakti was so very beneficial! I have been able to reset boundaries and really change some of my old behaviors that were no longer serving me. It was and continues to be a game changer…I use these new skills every day.”

– Mel, 2014

Our research on advocates has found that the better we are at taking care of ourselves, the better we are at taking care of others. That’s why the RAFT curriculum offers a number of tools that teach you to: 

  • Deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed and the exhaustion that leads to burnout
  • Build resilience to compassion fatigue so you can remain empathetic
  • Take care of yourself and your loved ones when you leave work 
  • Continue to show up and support your clients
  • Set boundaries for yourself and others so you don’t feel depleted 
  • Decrease physical, emotional, and mental stress with tangible relief techniques 

"Self-care is absolutely essential for the work we do as licensed counselors. This training has been completely insightful, informative, and highly effective for us to be our best personally and professionally. Keep doing what you do!"