Sexual and Domestic Violence Advocates Need You on Their Team

Advocating for the rights and resources of abuse survivors is no easy task, especially when poor funding, staff shortage, and broken systems make it extremely difficult. 

And yet, advocates perform this work in these conditions everyday, leading to high levels of burnout, depression, and compassion fatigue.

Our solution? Provide exceptional care to advocates so they can provide exceptional service to survivors.

At RAFT, we provide all of our direct and interactive support to advocates for FREE. Your donation will keep our support accessible to advocates and increase our bandwidth to reach more advocates across the country, especially advocates who serve marginalized communities or reside in remote geographic areas.

More specifically, your donation will help RAFT deliver:

  • Research-based resiliency workshops for SV and DV advocates across the United States, and Army and Navy advocates worldwide.
  • Monthly support calls with a community of advocates who receive ongoing support with the challenges they experience every day.
  • Monthly leadership calls that support emerging leaders and executive directors to improve resilience and well-being among advocates and staff.

Will you join RAFT in our mission to support advocates today?

Your support allows advocates to live the fulfilling lives they strive to provide for survivors.

Thank you for considering a donation to RAFT!

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